April 16, 2018 ALL

The Last Lecture with Dr. Long on 4/18

You are invited to listen to Dr. Susan Orpett Long, Professor of Anthropology in the Sociology and Criminology department, deliver her “last lecture.” This event is the last of a series hosted by the Center for Student Diversity and Inclusion (CSDI). There will be refreshments served at this event.
When: Wednesday (04/18/2018) at 6:30 pm
Where: AD 226

The Last Lecture Series is based on a lecture given by Dr. Randy Pausch from Carnegie Mellon University. He was given a terminal diagnosis of pancreatic cancer and decided to give an upbeat final lecture to his students, which became viral on YouTube then published as a book. CSDI has invited a few members of the John Carroll University community to deliver a speech as if it is their final one, and to preserve the integrity of the program, the theme and topic of the speech will not be disclosed.


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