April 18, 2018 ALL

Spring 2019 – Travel to the UK with Chemistry of Poisons/Detective Fiction Linked Courses

Are you interested in studying poisons and detective fiction at JCU and abroad? Beginning in Spring 2019, the Chemistry of Poisons (CH 170)/Detective Fiction (EN 240) pair of Linked Courses will include a travel component. In late spring, students on this faculty-led trip will visit the world-famous poison garden of Alnwick Castle (location used as Hogwarts and in Downton Abbey), the moors of Devon, Baker Street, the Old Bailey, the Edinburgh High Court and more. Information sessions will be hosted in Fall 2018, but interested students can contact Dr. Chrystal Bruce (cbruce@jcu.edu) or Dr. John McBratney (jmcbratney@jcu.edu) for more information.