April 23, 2018 ALL

Kosher Food available in the Inn-Between starting Monday, April 23rd

As the result of a collaborative effort of the Interfaith Advisory Committee, Aramark Catering, Student Union, and members of the Divisions of Student Affairs and Mission and Identity, and Campus Ministry, there will be a trial period of offering Kosher meals starting Monday, April 23rd at a price of $8.50 per meal.
Selections of kosher meals, including salmon, beef, chicken and vegetarian will be available every day of the trail period. Meals are provided through the kosher facilities at Menorah Park starting on Tuesday. On Monday meals will be provided by Tibor Meat Market. There will be a designated refrigerator and a (new) designated microwave in the Inn-Between.
Halal options continue to be explored. If you observe halal, we hope you will try some of the kosher meals.
A survey will be available after the trial period to assess whether these offerings will continue next year.

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