May 29, 2018 FAC/STAFF

Today: Building a Culture of Care by Responding to Sexual Harassment, 5/29

We know there are JCU students, staff, and faculty who may have been harassed, sexually assaulted, stalked, experienced interpersonal violence, or have been subject to other forms of discrimination. And we know there are those who are facing the experience of being accused of these things.

All staff and faculty (with a very few exceptions) are obligated, under the university mandatory reporting policy, to report these matters, and ALL employees are required to complete a basic online training to learn how and when they must report.

Training requirements are posted online here:

In addition to the Haven mandatory online training, the Title IX Office provides an optional skill-building training workshop, offered monthly, to help all staff and faculty learn the most effective ways to respond when witnessing, experiencing, or learning about these concerns.

Employees who have not yet attended a skill-building training are encouraged to attend the upcoming session scheduled for Tuesday, May 29 / 10 am – 12 pm in the Jardine Room.

For more information and to register, please click here: