June 27, 2018 ALL

Today: JCU RecPlex Public Locker AUDIT REMINDER

Attention RecPlex Patrons (especially Public Locker Room Users):

A REMINDER that the RecPlex is conducting a locker audit for both the Men’s and Women’s Public Locker Rooms (located on the ground level of the RecPlex, across from JCU PD), in order to keep accurate records of locker usage.

Only faculty and staff are permitted to reserve a locker for overnight usage; all others have daily locker privilege ONLY. If you are still utilizing your reserved locker, please ensure that you’ve contacted GA for Recreation & Fitness, Michael Rajka (mrajka18@jcu.edu) to confirm your name, University position, and locker number by Thursday, June 28th. Locks that are not properly accounted for will be cut on the day of our locker clean out, Friday, June 29th, 2018.

NOTE of clarification: for those who have confirmed their reserved locker usage with Michael Rajka, you will NOT need to remove possessions and/or your lock from said locker (your locker will just not be cleaned on 6/29/18).