July 13, 2018 FAC/STAFF

Find Funding to Support Your Research and Scholarly Endeavors


InfoEd’s SPIN database is a robust web-based search engine. The SPIN database is an excellent source when it is time to search for opportunities and apply for external funding to support your scholarly endeavors. View the SPIN Quick Start Guide or contact the Office of Sponsored Research to start searching for grants.

Enhance your SPIN experience by creating a profile and customizing your preferences! Benefits of creating a user profile include:

  1. Easy Access – Provides seamless access to system on campus and remotely.
  2. Save Searches – User filters are retained each time you log in, saving time and maximizing the search engine.
  3. Activate SMARTS – The SPIN Matching and Research Transmittal Service delivers highly targeted funding opportunities that exactly match your defining criteria, expertise, and research focus to your email.

 Create Your User Profile Today!

  1. Go to the SPIN website
  2. Click on the Sign In link at the top
  3. Click on the link: Need to create a new profile?
  4. Complete the form
  5. Click Save
  6. Your profile must be validated before you can set up your preferences. Once validated, you will be able to sign into SPIN to select your search preferences and create your profile.

The Spin database offers three search modes – text, keyword and advanced. Text mode searches use a simple word or term to search all fields in a program. InfoEd Keyword search uses 4,000 controlled keywords which are set up and administered by InfoEd. Advanced is a customized search that allows you to tailor your search using advanced AND/OR branching logic functions to narrow down to more specific results.

If you would like to schedule a one-on-one session to learn more about the capabilities of the SPIN database and/or would like assistance setting up your profile, please contact the Office of Sponsored Research.