August 28, 2018 STU

DTD Man of Excellence Scholarship

At the core of every brother in Delta Tau Delta you will find that what drives us to be who we are is one simple ideal, Excellence. Our mission is that we are men “Committed to Lives of Excellence.” This not only means we are expected to go above and beyond in our everyday duties and responsibilities, but to also learn and grow as we fulfill these tasks.

Delta Tau Delta’s annual Man of Excellence scholarship is given out to an incoming freshmen for showing exceptional strength in Service, Leadership, and Academics. The scholarship is worth $500, and the winner of the scholarship is not obligated to join our organization. It is, however, highly encouraged to attend recruitment events, get to know our members, and visit the floor during Rush.

The deadline to apply is Thursday, September 9, 2018. All applications submitted after that date will not be reviewed. Any question can be answered by Wyatt Grosko at