September 5, 2018 STU

Sign Up Today For Your Commuter Meal Plan!

Your schedule is busy enough to have to worry about eating. Sign up for a meal plan to help take things off of your plate! JCU Dining now has 2 meal plans to choose from!

The Block 48 plan is perfect for those actively involved with school and campus life. Check out our new Meal Kit Meal Plan too! It is perfect for the independent student who values a lunch on campus, AND appreciates a cooked meal at home for dinner. Sign up today by logging into your Housing Portal and visiting the Dining tab at the top of your home page:

Commuters and non-residential students maintain the ability to enroll in a meal plan throughout the semester. However, once enrolled, meal plans can only be cancelled up until September 24. If you enroll in a meal plan as a commuter or non-residential student and do not contact the Office of Residence Life to cancel, you will be held to the full cost of the meal plan.