September 20, 2018 FAC/STAFF

Today: JCU FIT Presents: The Gut-Brain Axis: Clarifications on the Importance of this Intimately Connected System 9/20

Please join naturopathic physician Dr. Erin Holston Singh on September 20 at noon in the Jardine Room to learn how your gut health is impacting your mood, brain fog and risk for some of the most serious health conditions today. Dementia, brain cancer, Hashimoto’s, Bipolar disorder, OCD, anxiety and depression are all intimately linked to the intestines. How does this work? What creates these issues and what can we do about it? Dr. Erin will suggest some easy ways to make the lifestyle changes that can make a sizeable difference, as well as introduce concepts and techniques in naturopathic medicine that show how you can manage these problems with natural solutions and without pharmaceuticals.

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