September 20, 2018 ALL

Today: Undergrads: September 20 is the 2019 Graduation Application Deadline

Seniors, if you have not already done so, apply now on Banner Web if you intend to graduate after completing the Fall 2018 (January 2019), Spring 2019 (May 2019), or Summer 2019 (August 2019) semester. The deadline to apply is next Thursday, September 20. The application will still be available after September 20, but students who apply after the deadline will be charged a $25 late fee.

**Your major(s), minor(s) and concentration(s) must be correct and you must have senior status with 85 earned hours or more to submit the application. You can only apply once.**
Please note that Distributive (old) core students must complete 128 credit hours to earn their degree and Integrative (new) core students must complete 120 credit hours to earn their degree. All students must earn a 2.0 or higher cumulative and major (and business course, if applicable) GPA to graduate.

Can’t remember if you’ve already applied? Here’s how to check:
• Log onto Banner Web
• Select the Academic tab
• Click on “View Graduation Application Status”

To apply for graduation for the first time:
• Log onto Banner Web
• Select the Academic tab
• Click on “Application for Graduation” to open the application
• Carefully read the directions on each page to complete and submit the application

Questions? Contact
• The IT Help Desk at 216.397.3005 for Banner Web log in questions,
• The Registrar’s Office at 216.397.4395 for general Graduation Application questions,
• the Academic Advising Office at 216.397.4211, your academic advisor, or your major department for degree requirement questions.