September 27, 2018 ALL

Today: One Month. Four Career Fairs. Are You Ready?

Are you prepared for the four career fairs that are taking place this month? Come to the 2018 Prepare Fair to make sure you are ready! The Prepare Fair is a casual, low-pressure, yet educational event where you can learn how to prepare for the upcoming OFIC CareerFest, Meet the Recruiters, the STEM Career Fair and the Non-Profit Internship Fair.

At the event, there will be 3 stations for preparation:
Station 1: LinkedIn Photo Booth and profile review
Station 2: Resume Review
Station 3: How to Work a Career Fair

This is an “open house” style event- you can come and go as you please and take advantage of one or all stations!

Registration is open but not required! Register using this link:

Food and refreshments will be provided throughout the evening!

The Prepare Fair will take place on Thursday, September 27, from 5-7 p.m. in the Jardine Room.

Dress code is casual, but come dressed to impress in business professional attire if you plan on visiting the LinkedIn Photobooth and if you want to find out if your outfit is Career Fair-approved!