October 2, 2018 STU

Society of Physics Students Meeting – For every curious mind!

Join us for the Society of Physics Students weekly meeting on Wednesday, October 3, at 2 p.m. in Dolan E133!

Who are we?
-We are the John Carroll University chapter of the Society of Physics Students, one of eight Gold Student Organizations on campus. SPS is a national organization within the American Institute of Physics. Although physics is in our name, really all the sciences are our game. We consider ourselves both an academic and social organization, so anyone with a love for or general interest in any of the sciences is encouraged to check us out.

What do we do?
-As a social organization, we try and make the sciences relatable to anybody and everybody. We show how the sciences are portrayed in pop culture through movie nights (last year we screened Hidden Figures in the fall and The Martian in the spring), demonstrate cool applications of science (every Homecoming weekend we make delicious liquid nitrogen ice cream for visiting families and alumni), and so much more. As an academic organization, we foster conversations about whatever science is in the news, build community and a support network for STEM students, and so much more. If it has something to do with science, we either do it or want to do it. Come check us out and we’ll be able to do even more.

If science interests you, or you just have a curious mind, come check us out on Wednesday! For more info, contact Crew (cweunski20@jcu.edu) or Kyle (kblasinsky20@jcu.edu).