November 12, 2018 STU

Health Professions Advisory Committee Information Sessions

Do you want to begin medical school (MD or DO), dental school (DMD or DDS) or a certified anesthesiologist assistant program (CAA) in the fall of 2020?
Then you should participate in the HPAC (Health Professions Advisory Committee) program in the spring of 2019 prior to submitting applications. This program helps you:
• gather and organize your application information
• strengthen and improve your personal statement
• develop good interview skills and correct interview faults
• prepare you for the next steps in the application process
Participating in HPAC is the only way to get a committee letter of recommendation. Most medical, dental, and CAA programs require or strongly prefer a committee letter of recommendation and the lack of a committee letter from a school with an HPAC procedure is a “red flag”. Dr. Lee will be hosting two informational sessions, both held in Dolan Science Center, E130: (choose one)
November 14th at 3 p.m.
November 16th at 3:30 p.m.
Each session will last about 40 minutes. This informational session will cover the HPAC application and process, tips for preparing for standardized tests, application insights, and personal statement information.
No need to RSVP for the informational session. However, students interested in participating in HPAC in the spring must attend one of the informational sessions and sign up to participate by November 20th.