November 19, 2018 FAC/STAFF

Today: Research Funding: Finding & evaluating grant opportunities

Looking for funding? Identified a grant to support your research? Need assistance navigating the RFP and sponsor regulations? Join the Office of Sponsored Research on Monday, November 19, from 2-3:30 p.m. in the Jardine Room to:

– Learn how to search for funding by using JCU’s subscription to InfoEd Spin. Analyze and evaluate those opportunities.

– Bring your laptop, create an account, update your profile, and plan a search strategy leading to a short-list of likely funders.

– Explore the myriad of ways in which funding opportunities are announced by both federal and non-federal funders.

– Look at certain announcements, both federal and non-federal, grants and contracts, to explain what to look for and make note of.

Please contact Erica Kennedy at or 216.397.4520 with any questions.