November 26, 2018 ALL

Today: Write 4 Rights

Have you ever wanted to lend your voice against human rights violations that are occurring around the world? Here’s your chance to join the largest human rights event in the world – Write for Rights. Write for Rights is Amnesty International’s global letter writing marathon held each year to mark Human Rights Day on December 10.

Write for Rights is about changing the lives of specific people and it’s also about ending the systemic human rights abuses that the cases represent. It is about defending the rights of all people, here at home and around the world, including yours and mine.

We are raising our collective voices by hosting an AIUSA letter writing event on November 26 where you can learn about the 11 urgent Write for Rights cases from around the world. The cases include Atena Daemi, who is in prison in Iran just for peacefully protesting against the death penalty.

Hannah Kubbins, the Campus Coordinator from Ohio to Stop Executions (OTSE), will be present to lead a discussion regarding the seven Ohio executions scheduled for 2019; and to offer suggestions as to how these can be prevented.

Please join Amnesty International’s chapter of JCU on November 26 as we write letters to government officials on behalf of those that need our help. Below are further event details.

Event details:
Location: AD 226
Time: 6:30-9:30 p.m.
Directions: 2nd floor of the Admin Building.
Details: Please bring your pen if possible since on-site materials might be limited.

Speakers include: Dr. Philip Metres, Dr. Richard Clark, Hannah Kuddins (Campus Coordinator from Ohio To Stop Executions or OTSE), Ellie Henze from Amnesty International at Ohio State University.

P.S. If you are unable to attend, please go to Amnesty International USA’s website so that you can learn more about W4R and perhaps write your own individual letters.

Thank you for considering to attend! Hope to see you on November 26th.

Please contact Bennett Galia at for more information.