February 7, 2019 STU

Today: Physics ‘n’ Fortnite: SPS Game Night!

For some reason physics students love Fortnite. I can tell you why the stars and planets move the way that they do, but I can’t explain my peers’ love for Battle Royale. Maybe you have the same obsession though, or maybe you’re like me and just like games in general. Physics may sound intimidating, but Fortnite definitely is not (unless you’re really bad like I am in which case, I’ll bring Scrabble).

Whether you’re a lover of the sciences or a lover of quality games, join the Society of Physics Students for our first ever Physics ‘n’ Fortnite Game Night! Games and snacks will be provided, so come play Thursday, February 7, from 7-9 p.m. in Dolan E133.

Contact Kyle at kblasinsky20@jcu.edu if you have any questions.