February 21, 2019 STU

Exploratory Information Meeting: POLITICAL SCIENCE CLUB

Calling all students interested in being part of a new Political Science Club! Student-led and driven, this opportunity gives majors and non-majors alike who are interested in the many facets of political science a chance to, for e.g.:
*Raise topics for Rant on the Rails – what do you want to talk about? Environmental policy, the Mueller report, the Wall, fake news and disinformation, immigration, defense policy, and more!
*Identify speakers and panelists, from inside and outside JCU, including recent alumni and student panelists
*Create immersive experiences in the community and beyond
*Set up a big buddy/little buddy mentoring system for PO majors
*Work with the department on “Meet your Major” and other events -( Suopis/Woefl )
*Convene panels and debates of importance to our campus culture and community
*Work with other departments in an interdisciplinary fashion for events and projects
*Convene an Olympics! : ) The sky is the limit on what you can do!

Initial first meeting is meant to generate ideas, see who wants to help take the lead on club formation, and come up with a plan of what we can do together.

Wednesday, February 27 at 2 p.m. in the Philosophy Conference Room in AD B008.

Please come even if you just have some interest or are curious. See you there!

Dr. Ziemke

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