February 22, 2019 FAC/STAFF

Today: You are Invited to a Mellen Research Seminar Series

Mellen Research Seminar Lecture from Dr. Frank Navratil, Professor of Economics and Finance

Date and Time:
2-3:30 p.m. on Friday, February 22, in the College of Arts and Science Dean’s Conference Room (Admin Annex) B-101.

Presentation Title:
“Monetary Policy Implementation in an Era of Quantitative Tightening: How Have the Federal Reserve’s Tools Changed Since the Great Recession?”

Using the following paper as the basis for many of his remarks, along with other sources:
Jane E. Ihrig, Ellen E. Meade, and Gretchen C. Weinbach, “Rewriting Monetary Policy 101: What’s the Fed’s Preferred Post-Crisis Approach to Raising Interest Rates?”, Journal of Economic Perspectives, 29 (4), Fall 2015, 177-198.

Register with Mellen Chair Admin at: pwashington@jcu.edu