March 19, 2019 STU

International Fest 2019!

Please join the IBLC Association on Friday, March 22, 2019, from 6:30pm until 8:00pm in the O’Malley Lower level for our annual International Fest! Our theme this year is Unique & United, bringing together different cultural organizations, international students, and all others interested in sharing their culture!

There will be international cuisine, music, and videos as well as a display by each country represented that attendees will be able to visit! During the event, you will walk around to each country’s table with a “passport” to be stamped after you have, “visited” each country and learned about its culture. If you complete the “passport” you will be entered into a prize drawing!!

The best table will be voted on by participants and will receive a prize too! If you are interested in representing a country or have any questions, please contact the IBLC Association President, Isabel Mecca at

This will be a chance to experience a world of cultures! The event is open to the JCU community! Hope to see you there!