March 22, 2019 FAC/STAFF

JCU FIT Presents: Kognito At-Risk Training

Today’s students face increasing academic, economic and social pressures, which can lead to emotional distress, depression, anxiety and even thoughts of suicide. These conditions may also compromise students’ academic achievements – affecting their ability to stay in school.

The University Counseling Center is offering At-Risk, a new online simulation designed to help you identify and approach students in mental distress, and if necessary, refer them to our University Counseling Center. We have added a link to the Kognito At-Risk Training program to the MetroHealthy Wellness Portal. You can also follow the link here: to take this 35-40 minute online training. The session will be saved automatically, so you can always come back to it if you are unable to complete the entire training all at once. 30 Points will be uploaded to your wellness portal account based on completion.

Improve your confidence, skills, and behaviors relating to having conversations with students of concern and referring them to appropriate resources.