April 1, 2019 ALL

Today: April 1: Artistic Entrepreneurship in the 21st Century, a lecture by the 2017 Motown Mic Spoken Word Artist of the Year.

Come to listen to the lecture:

Artistic Entrepreneurship in the 21st Century
By William Langford, Instructor at the Michigan State University Community Music School and 2017 Motown Mic Spoken Word Artist of the Year”

An exploration into community-engaged educational projects and the work of artistic entrepreneurship, including the development of literary/artistic craft, the role of social media, and the ways that artists assess and command the value of their work, in a variety of contexts.

When: April 1st, 7:00-8:00 pm
Where: O’Dea Room
Refreshments will be served and it will be possible to meet Dr. Martin after the talk.

Sponsored by:
Center for Diversity and Student Inclusion
Sociology and Criminology
Office of Academic Advising and Student Services
African Dounia
Peace, Justice, and Human Rights

For information, please contact Carlo DeMarchi (cdemarchi@jcu.edu).

Will Langford, a Detroit native, is a poet, teaching artist, and Fulbright scholar (www.willthepoet.com). He divides his energy between education and community development projects in his hometown, East Lansing, and East Africa. Will is a doctoral student in Curriculum Instruction and Teacher Education at Michigan State University.
Will Langford is the 2017 Motown Mic Spoken Word Artist of the Year. As a performance artist, Will’s poetry has garnered “Best of Show” in the American Advertising Awards, a Michigan Emmy Award, and the Ambrose Patullo Poetry Prize from Michigan State University, where Langford graduated with the distinction of “Most Outstanding Senior” as a recipient of the Richard Lee Featherstone Endowed Prize.
Will’s writing has appeared in or is forthcoming from The Detroit Neighborhood Guidebook, PANK Magazine, Rain Taxi Review of Books, Work/6, Falling Hard, TIME Magazine Online, and 2 Bridges Review.