April 3, 2019 ALL

Learning Management System Vendor Presentations

In 2014 John Carroll University (JCU) migrated from an onsite-hosted Blackboard system to a vendor-hosted Canvas system. This conversion went very well, delivering improved service along with higher user satisfaction. The five-year contract with Canvas up for renewal this summer and it is prudent to re-examine the LMS landscape to ensure we are using the best system for JCU.

An AdHoc committee made up of faculty, staff and students has selected two potential vendors in addition to Canvas and invited them to present their products and answer questions from JCU faculty, students, and staff. Below is a detailed schedule of their visits. All interested JCU faculty, students, and staff are encouraged to attend, participate, and provide feedback. A feedback link is available on the project website (sites.jcu.edu/its/lmsproject).

* April 5, 2-3 pm; A101 Donahue Auditorium – Canvas by Instructure

* Brightspace by D2L & Blackboard recordings are available on our website: sites.jcu.edu/its/lmsproject

Thank you for your participation in this important investigation. Please contact Jim Burke (burke@jcu.edu) with any questions you may have about this process.

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