April 8, 2019 FAC/STAFF

JCU FIT Presents: Spring Challenge Followup with Lindsay Malone 4/11

JCU FIT Presents: Spring Challenge Follow Up with Lindsay Malone 4/11

Have you made any positive changes since our talk in February? Added any quality years to your life? It commonly takes 3 weeks to establish new habits – how did you do? What worked? What didn’t? What barriers got in your way? While many of us know what to do, the business of change is difficult! Evaluate your health goals for the year ahead and re-calibrate for success.

Revisit healthy habits that will pay off in adding quality years to your life while also learning about the science of behavior change with dietitian Lindsay Malone.

Join us on April 11th at Noon in the Jardine Room.

Click here to sign up: https://johncarrolluniversity.wufoo.com/forms/jcu-fit-lunch-and-learn-with-lindsay-malone/