April 9, 2019 STU

This is the last day for formally withdrawing from full-term classes.

IMPORTANT: Today – Tuesday, April 9, is the last day for formally withdrawing from full-term classes.

Students in their first semester of enrollment at JCU must meet with their advisor and obtain a signed APR form to drop a course. The APR must be taken to Rodman Hall Rm 205/206.
All other continuing students must withdraw from classes personally in Rodman Hall Rm 205/206, but do not need an APR form.

Please note:

A class withdrawal by April 9th, 5:00 pm, will result in a W on your transcript, but is not going to affect your grade point average (GPA). No withdrawals are permitted after April 9th, 5:00 pm.

If you never attended, or stopped attending a class, but did not follow the processes described above to remove the class from your course schedule, you will be assigned a WF for the course. The WF is calculated as a failing grade in your GPA. Students who stop attending a course without a formal withdrawal automatically receive a WF, which is considered a failing grade and is computed in the cumulative GPA.

For most students, withdrawals after course change week typically will NOT affect aid eligibility for the current term (i.e., if you were registered in more than 12 credits and as a result of course withdrawals you will attend less than 12 credits for the rest of the semester, you are typically still considered a full-time student). However, there are some exceptions to this rule and course withdrawals may have long-term implications for all students; Please, check your situation with the enrollment counselor before completing the course withdrawals.

The Office of Academic Advising