April 12, 2019 FAC/STAFF

Today: Quality Matters: Workshops for teaching online

As Summer Session approaches and you may be thinking about creating or revamping an online course, you are invited to participate in one (or both!) of the following workshops:

The Anatomy of an Online Class: How to Jumpstart It
Friday, April 12, 1:30-3:30 in Room SB 118
This is a hands-on workshop that covers essentials in online course design, based on national standards of excellence in distance learning.

Enhancing the Quality of Your Online Course
Friday, April 26 1:30-3:30 in Room SB 118
This is a hands-on workshop for experienced online teachers to fine-tune online courses to optimize student success based on nationally recognized standards of excellence.

Both workshops will be led by Dr. Jeanette Brossmann, Chair of Communication Studies and Quality Matters Coordinator at Lakeland Community College.
For more information on Quality Matters (a national standard-setter for online courses) the link is here: https://www.qualitymatters.org/

To sign up for either or both workshops, please email Mrs. Pat Pitingolo in the Grad Studies Office (ppitingolo@jcu.edu).

Whether for initial guidance or a bit of inspiration as you are rethinking a class, we hope to see you there!

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