April 16, 2019 FAC/STAFF

Nominations now open for Homecoming Court 2019!

Nominations are open now for Homecoming Court 2019!

SUPB is making this process more inclusive this year by moving to a gender inclusive Homecoming Court!
Therefore, students can nominate up to three (3) individuals for the Homecoming Court. Ten (10) finalists will be chosen to be voted on by the senior class in the fall in order to select the final three (3) members to serve on the Homecoming Court!

The criteria for nominations are as follows: 1. Ambassador of JCU: This person has a positive spirit about John Carroll and is a good representation of our students. 2. Lives the Mission: This person is authentic and embodies the mission of JCU in their daily lives. 3. Immersed in the JCU community: This person is engaged and active on campus.
Nominations will be open from April 15 – April 26. Use the link below to nominate deserving students!