April 16, 2019 ALL

The 18th annual Celebration of Scholarship Poster Competition Winners

On Monday, April 8, 2019 more than 80 posters were presented by JCU graduate and undergraduate students covering a wide array of impressive research topics in the physical and social sciences. 46 of these posters were entered into the competition and evaluated by 15 volunteer judges on clarity, content, and verbal and visual presentation.

The Office of the Provost and Academic Vice President offers congratulations to our winners and all who participated.

18th Annual A Celebration of Scholarship Poster Winners
(listed in alphabetical order)

Nicolas Bayda, Undergraduate Student
Poster Title: An Analysis of Algebra I Literacy Resources in Northeast Ohio

Chase Bertagnolli, Undergraduate Student
Poster Title: Kindlin3 dependent microglial function is crucial for central nervous system development

Ashley Brooks, Undergraduate Student
Poster Title: Chemical Defense Variation in the Strawberry Poison Frog from Costa Rica and Panama

Trevor Cubra and Sean Cain, Undergraduate Students
Poster Title: Cloning and Functional Characterization of Human Aspartate Transcarbamoylase

Grant Donnelly and Ian Glass, Undergraduate Students
Poster Title: Search for Variable Stars with ROTSE-1

Claire Kelly, Undergraduate Student
Poster Title: Bringing the Past to the Present: A Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction of the Pennsylvanian Period

Osmary Medina-Baez, Graduate Student
Poster Title: Are Populations of the Salamander Bolitoglossa altamazonica Declining at Low Elevations Due to Rising Temperatures?

James Millard, Undergradute Student
Poster Title: Seebeck Coefficient and Hall Mobility Measurements on ZnSnN2 Thin Films and the Determination of Effective Mass

Morgan Might, Undergraduate Student
Poster Title: Developing a Simulation Tool to Visualize Swarm Behavior in a Structural Hierarchy

Zachary Zinda and Arshiya Mariam, Undergraduate Students
Poster Title: Multiple Primary Cancers: Associations & Network Link Analysis