April 28, 2019 ALL

The Learning Commons is here for you!

We know you may be stressed about your final projects, papers, and tests so this is a friendly reminder to stop by the Learning Commons. Located in the lower level of the Library, all of the support we offer is free. Study tables (http://researchguides.jcu.edu/learningcommons/calendar) can help you with assignment questions you’re stuck on, or review material for your last tests. The best part is that your profs recommended all of the students that lead the study tables, so you know they are reliable! The Writing Center meets on Sunday and Wednesday evenings to help with papers (check first if they are still offering drop ins)!
Visit the Relaxation Room (but check out the key at the Help Desk on your way down) and get a massage from the massage chair or practice some meditation. We will also be offering other stress-relieving events as we get closer to finals so stay tuned!