May 2, 2019 STU

Today: Facilities Helpdesk Job Opportunity Summer 2019 and Beyond

Are you interested in working for the JCU Facilities office this summer and beyond? We are looking for someone who will be able to work 10-20 hours per week in our office including every day until 5 pm Monday-Friday and has schedule flexibility. Duties would include but not be limited to answering the helpdesk phone line and responding to callers and assisting with keys and work orders. Facilities can be a fast paced environment with the need to be adaptable and the ability to handle several things at the same time. Good problem solving and communication skills are a must. Experience with Excel, Word and WordPress type software is preferred. If you are enrolled for Fall 2019 and would like an on campus job with us, please email your resume to Tina Lindberg at or call 216-397-4986 for more information.