May 3, 2019 FAC/STAFF

Today: Akindi – A Scantron Alternative

After a very successful pilot in Fall 2018, Akindi will be replacing the current Scantron exam scoring system affecting this summer.

What is Akindi?
Akindi is a flexible easy-to-use cloud-based paper assessment tool (replacement for Scantron Bubble sheets) that automates the creation and grading of multiple choice examinations. It is accessible through Canvas and it uses your departmental copy machine to scan and score bubble-forms.

The key benefits can be summarized as:

* Sync with your Canvas class roster to create personalized answer sheets
* Print your answer sheets on plain paper from any printer
* Sort multiple sections and test versions electronically after scanning rather than physically doing so beforehand
* Scan the completed answer sheets on any document scanner
* Upload a pdf of scanned forms or, if the scanner has email capability, send the pdf directly to Akindi
* Handle changes to the key, multiple correct answers, and differential item weighting online
* Review student performance and item analysis results online
* Sync the exam grades with your Canvas grade book and email students their grades

For more info:

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