May 8, 2019 STU

Today: Visit Gettysburg!

In the summer of 1863 General Robert E. Lee led his Confederate Army of Northern Virginia into Pennsylvania. His plan was to disrupt federal plans and perhaps even deal a stunning defeat and death blow to the Army of the Potomac. This fall, the History Department is offering a course that will allow students the chance to visit the Gettysburg Battlefield. From September 13 – 15 students will explore the ground on which two mighty American armies fought. Along the way, you will learn how to interpret a nineteenth century battlefield and discover why General George G. Meade and his Army of the Potomac were victorious. Time will also be spent examining how the soldiers lived and what motivated to fight. The tour is led by Dr. George Vourlojianis. There is a $225 fee for lodging, park fees and transportation. If you have any questions contact Dr. Vourlojianis at (216) 397-4579 or at If you’d like to explore Gettysburg and find out “why our Civil War is the war that doesn’t go away” register for HS 295A, GETTYSBURG TRIP.