July 29, 2019 FAC/STAFF

Faculty-Staff Car Pool Lottery


JCU Parking is offering ten reserved parking spaces for FUEL EFFICIENT / LOW EMISSION VEHICLES (FEV/LEV) to employees. There are five spaces in the Pacelli Lot and five spaces in the Carroll Extension Lot. These parking spaces are marked with signs reading: “Reserved Parking FEV/LEV, Permit required”.

The JCU Parking Office will open the lottery on Monday, August 5th at 9 AM and will close on Friday, August 16th at 5 PM. The FEV permit is valid for one Academic Year (2019 – 2020). Each year there will be a lottery.

Winners will be notified the week of August 19th, and will be given a sticker for their parking permit signifying permission to park in the marked spaces.

The process for the lottery will be as follows:
Please open the attached Vehicle Lottery Application (VLA)
Review the link to determine if your vehicle is on the Fuel Efficient Vehicle (FEV) List
If your vehicle is on the list, please complete the VLA form
There are drop down boxes for the Make, Model, Year and Lot Choice.
The FEV spaces on Auxiliary Drive and in the Belvoir Lot are ONLY for JCU Seniors living in the dorms.
An incomplete application will not be accepted
This link will take you to the FEV / LEV page which has the map of the parking spaces, list of vehicles and the form for the lottery:


Thank you.

JCU Parking Office