August 29, 2019 FAC/STAFF

Welcome Back to Wellness!

WW—Wellness that Works—can provide the information, motivation, and support to keep your summer vibe going strong–and save your healthy habits from holiday pitfalls!

Weekly group meetings with a Wellness Coach help you set goals, stay on track, and get support from colleagues with similar goals. Formerly the Weight Watchers at Work program, WW has rebranded to focus on overall health and wellness. The focus is three-fold: what you put into your body, how you move your body, and how your mind supports your efforts.

Obviously, weight management is still an important factor. If your goal is to lose or maintain your weight, weekly optional weigh-ins track your success. The WW Freestyle program has again been ranked the No. 1 best diet for weight loss by U.S. News and World Report. Does it work? Over the past two years, your JCU colleagues have lost over 800 pounds!

With your WW membership, you will also get access to Aaptiv, a leading app in audio fitness instruction, as well as Headspace, the top ranked meditation and mindfulness app.

In order to continue this highly successful program at JCU, we are required to have at least 15 people committed to attending the first meeting of the next session. The 17-week session will begin on Wednesday, September 11, location TBA. Optional weigh-ins are from 11:45-12:00, followed by a 30-minute workshop/discussion. The cost of the program is normally $199, but as long as we have 15 or more people who attend and pay that day, we all receive a 15% discount ($169.15). You can pay by credit, check, or payroll deduction (less than $19 bi-weekly through January!).

Additionally, those with Medical Mutual Insurance through JCU will receive a $50 kickback by attending throughout the session!
Questions? Please contact Brenda Bailey,

Earn 50 JCUFit points for each 17 week session that you complete.

To make your commitment to wellness, please complete this brief survey by clicking the link below before September 4:

WW at Work Commitment Survey