September 18, 2019 FAC/STAFF

WW at JCU!

WW (formerly Weight Watchers) and JCUFit are teaming up to help you keep on your Wellness path. WW – Wellness that Works, is back at JCU!

The new session begins Wednesday, September 18, at a new time–12:30pm–in LSC 206 (above the bookstore). The new 17-week format is perfect for getting us to–and through–the holiday season with healthy habits.

New rules require that we have 15 committed members in the room at 12:30 in order to launch the session–so we need you to join us!

The cost of the program is normally $199, but we will each receive a special incentive: a $50 discount provided by JCUFit! You can pay the $149 fee by credit, check, or payroll deduction divided evenly throughout the session at the first meeting.

Additionally, those with Medical Mutual Insurance through JCU will receive a $50 kickback by attending throughout the session! For the first meeting only, attendance is required promptly at 12:30. After the first week, optional weigh-ins will be 12:30-12:45, followed by a 30-minute workshop/discussion.

Questions? Please contact Brenda Bailey,