September 20, 2019 ALL

Still looking for a job?

If you or someone you know is excited to help first year commuter students, please encourage them to apply for the newly created Student Outreach Guides! This position is meant to connect first year commuters with all of the awesome academic support services provided at JCU. Did you wish you knew about the free study tables when you were struggling with your first O-Chem exam? How helpful would first year you have found it if you knew exactly who to ask about how to get a massage while you’re hanging out between classes? We need students who can give all the ins and outs and share their knowledge about navigating campus to commuters! The job is posted on Handshake under open jobs in the Library, the title is Student Outreach Guides, and here’s a link to the posting: Questions? Amy Wainwright ( is coordinating this paid position!