September 24, 2019 STU

TTi Leadership Development Semester Kick-Off

TTI will be hosting an on-campus event to kick-off the Fall recruiting semester at John Carroll. We offer full-time as well as internship opportunities for students interested in a career in sales, management, and marketing.

Our Senior VP of Sales and Marketing Mr. Mark Palko will be delivering a TTI information session/leadership workshop on the evening of September 25th at 7pm in Boler Hall room SB120.

This will be followed up with a next-day employer site visit the afternoon of September 26th at 11am about what a TTI Field Sales and Marketing Representative does on a daily basis. Please contact the Boler School of Business for registration for this event.

Both events are optional, however, students are encouraged to participate in both. We will be providing refreshments and snacks for the students who attend our events. We are looking forward to kicking off the Fall semester with all of you!