October 7, 2019 ALL

Call for Proposals: Mandel Grants

We are pleased to announce that JCU has once again received a gift from the Mandel Foundation to support creative programs and ideas designed to build a campus culture of inclusion, dialogue and respect.

Small grants (up to $4,000) from the Mandel fund may be requested by students, staff or faculty. All requestors must be able to demonstrate that their proposed program fits into the University Strategic Plan for Inclusive Excellence.

Whether your idea considers speakers, trainings, panels, intercultural experiences, the visual or performing arts, a service project, a class program, or other programs or events that meet the goals of the Mandel Grant Fund for Conversation and Inclusion, we want to hear from you!

If you (or your organization/department) submitted a grant request that could not be considered last year due to lack of funds, you may be able to request automatic resubmission and consideration of your prior application for the current year. Please contact Megan Wilson-Reitz at mwilsonreitz@jcu.edu to discuss this option.

The criteria and application process are described and can be accessed at this link: https://jcu.edu/about-us/values-and-jesuit-tradition/diversity/inclusive-excellence/mandel-grants.