October 7, 2019 ALL

JCU Tech Fair 2019: Thank you & Prize Winners!

Thank you to our vendors, colleagues, and attendees for helping us make the JCU Tech Fair 2019 a huge success!

Don’t forget our informational E-Flyers on security, Service Desk, Google, Telephony, etc. are still available on our website. visit: jcu.edu/its/techfair

Prize Winners: Recipients of the Tech Fair 2019 drawings –

Apple iPad – Marissa Haas
Lenovo Chromebook – Maria O’Connor
Akindi Gift Box & $100 Amazon Giftcard – Bonnie West
TopHat Backpack – Veronique Nlandu
Starbucks Basket – DavidR Armsworthy
$25 Amazon Giftcards – Kathy Cooney
$25 Amazon Giftcards – Kevin Lawler
$25 Uber GiftCards – Delaney Szekely
$25 Uber GiftCards – Rory Erwin
Google Glasses – Martivias Walker
Google Glasses – Jie Zhang
Google Glasses – Marcello Adhikary
Google Glasses – Isabella Francisco
Google Glasses – Marianne Cicirelli
Google Glasses – Salomon Rodezno

Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to our vendors for the great prizes!