October 15, 2019 ALL

Voices of Experience on the Death Penalty: The Ohio Journey of Hope… From Violence to Healing

As the Ohio legislature grapples with the question of how the state conducts executions and may even be shifting to whether we should have a death penalty at all, the Journey of Hope… From Violence to Healing brings “Voices of Experience on the Death Penalty” to John Carroll University. Please join us on Wednesday, Oct 16, 6:30pm in AD 24 to hear an update on what’s happening together with the stories of people who have experienced the issue first hand. This event presented as part of the Advocacy for Nonprofit Organizations Course of the Nonprofit Administration program and is co-sponsored by Ohioans to Stop Executions, Faith in Public Life, the Ohio Council of Churches and others.

Speakers: Murder victim family member Bill Pelke, founder of the Journey of Hope…From Violence to Healing and Exonerated Death Row Survivor Joe D’Ambrosio

Further details are at the Ohio Journey of Hope web site. Please reach out to Professor Brandi Slaughter at bslaughter@jcu.edu if you have questions or concerns.