January 7, 2020 FAC/STAFF

Spring 2020 information for Student Employee Supervisors

Spring 2020 information for Student Employee Supervisors

As we prepare for the start of the Spring semester we wanted to remind you of a few things:

  • Are your student worker jobs currently filled but still posted (viewable to students) in Handshake?
  • Will you need to hire new students for the spring semester for positions you have already created in Handshake?
  • Did you create a job description in Handshake, but saved it in Not Posted and are now ready to post (make viewable to students)?

Other Friendly Reminders:

If you are leaving your Student Employment Supervisory role, please notify both Marie Perri in Student Enrollment and Financial Services (SEFS), and Nikki Marzano in Career Services, so that we can ensure new contacts receive communication.


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