January 12, 2020 ALL

Today: Boler to Belize – Spring Break 2020

Spend spring break in Belize exploring and building relationships with local communities. The Boler-Belize Program is more than just a class, it is a life-changing experience. Throughout the semester you will: learn about Micro-Enterprise and Social Entrepreneurship; learn about the role of entrepreneurship and business problem solving in reducing poverty; and develop a plan for business for entrepreneurship and social enterprises in developing countries.

It’s not too late to register for MK 362 “Micro-Enterprise Development in Developing Countries or IB 405 “Special Topics in International Business”. This 3-credit class will meet one day a week throughout the spring semester.

This class is open to all students. You can also go on the trip without taking the class.

For more information contact:
Dr. Tina Facca-Miess (tfacca-miess@jcu.edu) or
Kathy Schiffer (kschiffer@jcu.edu).

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