February 18, 2020 FAC/STAFF

Today: LearnIT: Canvas Modules & Content Pages

This workshop will help familiarize instructors (and others who support instruction) with the Content Pages and Modules tools in Canvas and how they can best be used to support your instructional goals. After attending this workshop, participants will be able to do the following:

* Create a Module shell for each instructional unit you teach in a semester
* Add assignments and quizzes to the Modules you created
* View student progress for Modules
* Create a content page and add it to a module
* Link to other Canvas pages in a course
* Add an External URL to a module
* Add an item from your Google Drive to a Content Page by hyperlinking the “Shareable Link”
* Add requirements to a Module
* Add prerequisites to Modules
* Use Discussions in Modules
* Add an External Tool to a Module
* Embed an item from your Google Drive on a Content Page
* Use Direct Share to copy single items from one course to another, and to share a single item of content with other users
* Add a Scheduler appointment group in a course calendar
* Add a non-graded Canvas activity to the course calendar

Space is limited to the first 20 registrations! Register here => https://forms.gle/rUFYREurDkL8qyb8A

Audience: Faculty & Staff

Workshop Level: Intermediate

Date: February 19th, 2019 at 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Place: SB118 Boler College of Business

Instructors: Jay Tarby

For all other inquiries regarding this workshop, please email training@jcu.edu or call 216-397-1719.