April 6, 2020 ALL

JCU Intramural Sports: ESports Registration Opens Today!

JCU Recreation is excited to announce the offering ESports tournaments! These are official Intramural Sports events, and all champions will win a coveted championship t-shirt!

To register, visit the JCU IMLeagues homepage (www.imleagues.com/JCU), create a username and password using your JCU email address, and choose the sport, league, and division you would like to participate in. From there, IMLeagues will prompt you to complete all other required information.

– Registration Opens: Monday, April 6 at 9:00 AM
– Registration Closes: Monday, April 13 at midnight
– Team Names: Players must use their gamertag and/or mobile app username
– Format: Single-player with formats determined based on number of teams
– Required Items: All players must use their own video game console, mobile device, or tablet; provide their own games and apps; and have access to online gaming platform if playing video games. JCU Recreation will not provide these items.

VIDEO GAMES (multiple consoles and game editions offered):
– Madden NFL
– NBA 2K
– MLB The Show
– NCAA Football 14
– Rocket League
– Just Dance

– MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2020
– WGT Golf
– 8-Ball Pool
– Just Dance Now
– Trivia Crack
– Clash Royale
– GamePigeon

If you have any questions or need help registering, please email imsports@jcu.edu. Thank you, and good luck!