April 9, 2020 ALL

Counseling Center Group Presentations & Discussions on Zoom

In addition to providing one-on-one Zoom consultations for students, the Counseling Center is also offering group presentations and discussions via Zoom!

Info about these group offerings:
• Requests can be made now & the presentations/discussions will begin after Easter
• Virtual groups can be more presentation-focused, more discussion-focused, or a combination of both
• Length can range from 30-60 minutes
• Attendees will receive a Zoom link in advance of the date/time of the group

Possible topics:
• Coping with anxiety & worry
• Coping with grief & loss
• Coping with other day-to-day stressors (e.g., productivity / motivation, social isolation / loneliness)
• Counseling Center services (including new virtual services)

If you are interested, please email counselingcenter@jcu.edu with the following information:
• Student group / department / team:
• Topics you’d like covered:
• Preference for more of a presentation or group discussion:
• Estimated size of your audience:
• Dates/times options:

If you have any questions, email counselingcenter@jcu.edu or call 216-397-4283.