April 30, 2020 ALL

Counseling Center Services

The University Counseling Center is currently offering 3 main services, including online individual consultations, group presentations/discussions, and providing online mental health resources. For more information please see the descriptions below:

1) Individual Counseling Appointments (can be scheduled through May 29th):
Thirty-minute telehealth consultations with a licensed therapist are available for all students until the UCC closes for summer, on May 29th. To schedule an appointment, please call the front desk at 216-397-4283, or email counselingcenter@jcu.edu.

2) Group Presentations/Discussions (can be scheduled through May 29th):
With the intent of reaching as many students as possible during the pandemic, the UCC is offering virtual presentations/discussions over common mental health topics related to Covid-19. Presentation topics include anxiety/worry, grief/loss (e.g. ending of a sport season, cancellation of graduation festivities, etc.), and coping with day to day stressors (e.g., productivity / motivation, social isolation / loneliness).
If you are interested, please email counselingcenter@jcu.edu with the following information:
1. Your student group / department / team:
2. Topics you’d like covered:
3. Preference for more of a presentation or group discussion:
4. Estimated size of your audience:
5. Dates/times options

3) Online Resources:
A list of online mental health resources during Covid-19 are located on our website (jcu.edu/counselingcenter) and through our social media platforms (Instagram: jcu_ucc & Twitter: @JCU_UCC).