June 1, 2020 FAC/STAFF

Campus Services in June

As we look forward to a gradual return of faculty and staff to campus in the coming weeks, please review the following information regarding campus services and operations for the month of June. The scope of operations was developed based on limited campus occupancy, building hours and access.

COVID-19 informational and precaution expectation signage is being installed across campus

Mail and Copy Center Hours:
Monday through Friday, 9:30 am – 11:00 am
Monday through Thursday, 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm
Contact staff by phone or email with any questions

Masks are available and can be picked up at the Mail Center

Office cleaning supplies can be requested via the SchoolDude work order system using the Housekeeping Craft

The air conditioning is on with office cooling set points set to 78 degrees based on limited occupancy. Please submit a SchooloDude work order using the Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning craft if you have concerns about the temperature in your office.

Building hours, access and housekeeping scope:
o Dolan Science Center
● Housekeeping scope, Mon – Fri:
● Check and pull hallway trash & recycling
● Atrium restrooms
● 1E M & W restrooms
● 2W M&W restrooms
● Loading area and single use restroom by WG01
● Card access entrances
o O’Malley, Administration Bldg and Boler College of Business
● Housekeeping scope, Mon – Fri:
▪ Check and pull hallway trash & recycling
▪ O’Malley 1st floor M&W restrooms, near classroom OC103
▪ AD Ground M&W restrooms, near classroom AD26
▪ Boler 1st floor M&W restrooms, by classroom COB106
▪ Card access entrances
o Rodman
● Housekeeping scope, Mon – Fri:
▪ 1st floor M & W restrooms
▪ 2nd floor M & W restrooms once Enrollment staff returns
▪ Maintain entrances from O’Malley side and Rodman parking lot
o Lombardo Student Center
● Housekeeping scope
▪ Normal seven (7) day clean for:
o All restrooms
o Murphy Commons (Rm 30), Computer Lab (Rm 30b) and common areas in atrium and outside St. Francis Chapel and the Office of Residence Life. All tables and common areas furniture wiped down daily.
o O’Dea, Murphy, Jardine and LSC conference rooms closed
o Commuter and CSDI Lounges closed.
▪ Trash services – JCU PD and Maintenance Shop
o DeCarlo Varsity Center
● Closed indefinitely – Housekeeping services suspended
o Grasselli Library
● Housekeeping scope, Mon – Fri:
▪ 1st floor women faculty bathroom
▪ 2nd floor (main) women restroom nearest directors office,
▪ Men’s nearest reference office,
▪ 2nd floor Gender Neutral (2) in Breen
▪ Maintain main entrance and entrance by Library dock
▪ Meeting by appointment only with Library staff
o Shula Stadium
● Housekeeping scope:
▪ Restrooms cleaned M, W, and F.
▪ Locker rooms and all other facilities are closed

● Card Access Map link:

Thank you for your cooperation in using only those restrooms and areas specifically identified in this memo while on campus. Please remember to take trash, especially food waste, with you when you leave campus.