July 23, 2020 ALL

Today: Facilities (SchoolDude) Work Order Password Change

We have recently changed our submittal password for work orders on SchoolDude. If you have received an email about that from the SchoolDude site with the new password, it is legitimate. The new submittal password is “JCU 21”. This is the password you enter at the bottom of the work order form in order to submit your request to Facilities. Your SchoolDude personal account login password is unaffected by this change.
To enter a work order, please follow these steps:
1) Click this URL: https://www.myschoolbuilding.com (If you haven’t
already, please bookmark this URL.)
2) If you are asked for an account number type in 542630982 and click
“Submit Organization”. If the account number is not needed the request
submit page will immediately appear.
3) Complete the request submittal page with the required information and
click submit.
Please feel free to contact us at facilities@jcu.edu or 216-397-4314 if you have any questions.