August 10, 2020 FAC/STAFF

Copy & Mail Center Hours

JCU Mail & Copy Center
Based on the University’s Interim COVID-19 policies and procedures, the JCU Mail & Copy Center has updated its operating procedures and hours of operation. We have installed floor and wall signage to help keep everyone physically distanced. Customers will be required to line up in the outside hallway until space is available at the service counters.
The service counter open hours and overall operation have also been examined and modified to be in compliance with current JCU requirements. This will change the hours that the doors will be open for package shipments and purchases; i.e. stamps and envelopes. We also have a new department delivery schedule that will be implemented once the student workers are back.
Service Counter Open Hours
Monday through Friday 9 – 11:30 AM
Monday through Thursday 1:30 – 3:30 PM

The Mail Center staff will utilize the time when the service counters are not open to receive packages and mail from USPS, UPS, FEDEX and Amazon. We will check in the packages and utilize the New JCU Pack City boxes located in the AD hallway.

JCU Pack City Intelligent Parcel Lockers are finally here. We can now deliver items to Faculty Staff and Students using emails and smartphone technology.
You will receive an email from the Pack City Locker when we load your package and close the door. This email will provide you with 2 sets of codes to access your packages. Use the touch screen and follow the instructions, input the codes and the door with your item(s) will open. Remove your item(s) and close the door. We can put multiple packages in a single locker. Over-sized packages will need to be picked up at the Mail Center counter during open hours. We have moving carts available to sign out and help with this process.
The Mail Center is staffed such that student workers are utilized to deliver mail and packages to offices and departments. We will visit once a day to pick up any mail and interoffice envelopes and drop off packages we have. JCU departments and offices will have a mixture of JCU Student Work Force delivery and Pack City self pick up. We will still deliver but many departments and offices may choose to use this new locker system.
We will handle refrigerated packages at the counter during normal hours only. The Pack City system will help limit person to person contact and should enhance campus life for students to use the online ordering and receive their packages after hours and on weekends. A hand sanitizing station is located next to the lockers and we will wipe it down daily with disinfectant. Please do not wipe or spray any liquid on the screen.
The JCU Copy Center can receive all your printing requests via an email to A pdf file works best. Please use the open counter hours to talk with the staff in person. The Pack City lockers can also be an option to pick up your print jobs.
We are committed to helping the entire JCU community with their Mail and Copy Center needs. If you have questions or need assistance with our services, please use the contact information below.

JCU Mail Center
Phone 216-397-4680; email
JCU Copy Center
Phone 216-397-4670; email
If you have further questions, please contact Rory Hill at 216-397-3015 or