August 25, 2020 FAC/STAFF

Today: Dedicated Entrances, Exits and Unidirectional Stairwells

The Facilities Department has analyzed all building entrances, exits and stairwells and developed floor plans and signage to designate certain entrances, exits and stairwells as unidirectional. Color coded signage has been added to these areas and the floor plans can be reviewed in the JCU Faculty and Staff/HyFlex (Fall 2020)/Facilities, Classrooms and Technology shared Google Drive folder.

These designations were limited in certain areas based on code requirements as was the decision not to go with unidirectional hallways. Signage will indicate that people should stay to the right when in bi-directional hallways and stairwells.
In emergencies, all stairwells and doors should be used to vacate an area or building as quickly as possible.