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Today: One Year MS in Innovation & Entrepreneurship Degree at JCU

We have an exciting, new opportunity for you to continue your education at John Carroll University – a one-year Master’s of Science in Innovation and Entrepreneurship (MSIE) program. Inspired leaders share one common attribute regardless of industry: an entrepreneurial mindset. Develop yours in this unique program.

Our MSIE program is open to students from any major!

The program provides an experiential journey during which you will develop the innovation, creativity and entrepreneurial skills you need to advance in your career and to create value in your chosen professional path. You will hone problem-solving skills and creative confidence that will enable you to lead with creative confidence. According to World Economic Forum, employers identified creativity as the number one skill needed for the future.

During the program you pursue an idea/opportunity that is meaningful to you as part of a cohort that tackles real-world challenges through experiential learning focused on creativity, failure, leadership, ethics, business modeling and forecasting.

Upon completion, you will build mastery to:
– recognize, develop and exploit an opportunity
– identify and develop business models, and assess their viability and feasibility
– analyze and evaluate the financial requirements of exploiting a venture opportunity
– assemble human and financial resources and apply them to build and further your entrepreneurial or innovation idea

Ready to fuel your future with a Master’s degree in innovation and entrepreneurship? Let us help you get started.

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